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about technology

We are reliable, dynamic, and passionate about technology. Our teams solve problems and act as sparring partners for our customers around the globe.


We enjoy taking on responsibility in all areas. We are particularly proud of technologies that allow us to make a valuable contribution to making the world safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient. Our stringent requirements regarding innovation, quality, and cost optimization motivate us to consistently do our best across all technological boundaries.


Our international customers play a major role in our success, as it is their wishes and requirements that inspire us to achieve extraordinary things. For example, if a suitable solution for a customer does not exist, we adopt new approaches and quickly develop concepts that are both customized and highly efficient.

The fact that we address every challenge with extensive technical expertise and a high degree of innovative capability has made us an internationally sought-after partner for more than 70 years now. We are a partner whose foundation focuses on the values of a medium-sized family-owned company and whose solid business position also sends a powerful message about reliability and long-term cooperation.


Dedicated team player

We love what we do. We maintain a continuous and lively dialog as we work closely together around the globe with our customers and suppliers and in our international teams.

Reliable problem solver

We think holistically and approach problems in an efficient and goal-oriented manner. Thinking outside the box in such situations is part of our DNA.


Quality-focused planning for success

We do everything to ensure the long-term success of our customers, and our extensive expertise guarantees the highest quality as we go about this.

Dynamic developer of ideas

We understand modern technologies, and we use this knowledge to develop convincing new ideas and solutions with passion and dedication.


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