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All of us at Swoboda are committed to corporate policies that emphasize our family-owned company’s extensive social, environmental, and economic responsibility. These policies are based on internationally valid guidelines.


Philipp Lindner

As the Swoboda Group’s Global Compliance Officer, Philipp Lindner is responsible for all compliance issues and in this capacity works directly with the Group’s CFO.

As a globally operating technology company with diverse business relationships, we are committed to observing and consistently complying with the respective laws of various countries – and we expect the same from our business partners as well.



Our technology solutions make a valuable contribution to sustainability. These solutions make the world safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient. We help our customers lower their emissions and utilize environmentally compatible processes and materials. Our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection is a firm component of our corporate philosophy. Our resource efficiency is regularly monitored in accordance with the EN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 5001 standards.

What we have accomplished to date

  • Reduction in the use of materials through optimized product designs – decrease of as much as 20%
  • Use of recyclable packaging in the supplier-Swoboda-customer supply chain
  • Utilization of water-cooled compressors and industrial chillers as a means of optimizing waste heat for building-heating applications
  • Production hall lighting equipment replaced with modern high-performance lighting systems
  • Use of energy-saving motors and frequency converters

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