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We solve problems, develop new solution approaches, and help design complex systems. We create technology solutions that go beyond existing technological boundaries.

We always
think ahead

We develop highly complex metal-plastic components, sensors, actuators, specialized electronic control units (ECUs), and (sub)systems. We occupy an outstanding position in these fields and are therefore able to act as a high-performance sparring partner for our international customers

We offer:

  • Extensive expertise in electrical engineering / electronics, mechanical systems, and software
  • Product development that focuses especially on precision, robustness, and durability
  • Specialized knowledge in the simulation and calculation of electromagnetic fields
  • A product design approach and manufacturing concept that are closely aligned with one another
  • Collaboration with qualified partners in the electronic-chip manufacturing and PCB assembly industries

We know

Our teams are experts at reinventing modern manufacturing technologies in a manner that opens up completely new possibilities and opportunities. We get the support we need here from our extensive expertise, which is based on years of experience in production engineering and tool manufacturing. Product design and manufacturing go hand in hand at Swoboda: With their extensive range of technical knowledge, our teams are able to develop concepts for production systems and tools on the basis of specific requirements. It goes with out saying that this flexible development standard is utilized at all of our locations around the world.

Our specialized teams develop needs-based production system concepts and redesign process technologies – all digitized and state of the art.

Our facilities in Wiggensbach, Fürth, Jihlava, and Timisoara develop and manufacture production tools on the basis of standardized specifications. We are proud to thus be able to offer our customers around the world a high degree of expertise and outstanding quality.

We develop customized test rigs for use in product validation processes and end-of-line production tests. The fact that we set up and program the test rigs ourselves ensures a high degree of testing flexibility. We use industrial 2D and 3D image processing techniques, but we can also perform significantly more complex end-of-line tests for our customers. Our manufacturing systems are also equipped with an online SPC feature that enables us to transfer data from production systems around the globe to our Swoboda servers in an automated process. These data are placed in our Q-DAS database, where they are used for process analysis, measurement systems analysis (MSA), and automated reporting. We also archive all relevant measurement data for our customers if they ask us to do so.

Insert molding technology

Metallic inserts are overmolded (encapsulated) with technical plastics (thermoplastics or thermosets).

Trim and form process in progression dies

Following the pre-stamping and electroplating process, metallic inserts are separated and bent in several steps.

Integrated stamping

Integration of separation/bending processes in progressive composite tools. Feeding and separation of metallic inserts in fully automated production cells.

Coil winding
Coil winding technology on fully automated multiple spindles

Integration of 6-, 8-, or 12-fold winding machines in semi and fully automated production lines.

Preparation and mounting of electronic components

Electronic components are processed, joined together in metal-plastic assemblies, and electrically bonded.

Component assembly

Welding, soldering, bonding, potting, and bolting processes are incorporated into our production lines (with 100% functionality tests).

Circuit board mounting

We mount PCBs onto complex assemblies. We collaborate with reliable partners on circuit board assembly processes.

Resistance welding

We develop our own system components for assembling modules and bonding electronic components.

Laser welding

We use solid-state laser systems to assemble modules and bond electronic components.


The most diverse components are isolated, processed, tested, and delivered at several stations on the production line.

Magnetization and magnetism

We have accumulated extensive expertise in the simulation and calculation of electromagnetic fields. For example, we have succeeded in avoiding the use of rare earth metals in the magnets employed in our seat sensors, thereby making a positive contribution to sustainability.


We utilize laser soldering, selective soldering with mini-waves, and piston and hot bar soldering in our manufacturing operations.

Cable and wiring assembly
Cable and wiring assembly

We process and assemble process-specific cables (e.g. single strands, twin-lead cables) and integrate them into hybrid modules.

Only the best
is good enough

We think and act in accordance with the zero-defect philosophy, which stipulates that projects must fulfill predefined requirements through all stages – from the feasibility study to series production and delivery. Single-digit PPM defect rates and numerous awards from our customers demonstrate that we are absolutely reliable when it comes to quality – and this is achieved in two ways: Internally, we ensure our requirements are already met in the early stages of project management through cooperation with our advance quality planning units, while externally we work efficiently with our customers in a tightly networked system of digital platforms and interfaces. To top things off, Swoboda is also certified in accordance with the IATF 16949 and develops products according to the functional safety ISO 26262 standards.

We are
at home around the world