Technology leader
in Asia

Kunshan, China

Kunshan is located approximately 40 kilometers west of Shanghai and has more than two million inhabitants. Swoboda began production operations here at the beginning of 2013. Our constantly growing onsite engineering team enables us to respond to the special local requirements of our Chinese customers. Several customers have rewarded our efforts in this regard by presenting us with the highest awards for quality. We are also very proud of the fact that Swoboda Kunshan has received an award from the regional government recognizing us as a high-tech company. The building space in Kunshan will be expanded to 45,000 m² by 2020. This expansion comes in response to customer demands for a greater global presence and it will also enable us to meet the extensive requirements of the fast-growing automotive market in China.


  • Insert molding technology
  • Electric component assembly
  • Production of assemblies
  • Joining and potting technologies
  • Sales China/Asia Pacific
  • Production of stamped parts, incl. Bonding surfaces
  • Tool manufacturing
  • Process engineering
of building space


Thomas Cornelius

General Manager Kunshan, CN


Swoboda (Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
No. 409, San Xiang Road
Kunshan Economic & Technical Development Zone (KETD)
215300 Kunshan
Jiangsu Province

Living and working
in the region

Kunshan has a population of more than two million and its economy is one of the most successful among small cities in China. Kunshan is part of the prefectural-level city of Suzhou. With Shanghai to the east and Suzhou in the west, Kunshan is considered the gateway to the Jiangsu Province. Kunshan is crisscrossed by waterways with a combined length of more than 1,000 km, which has led to the creation of many unique little “water towns.” Kunshan is also famous for Kunqu Opera. In addition, the city has a modern theater and a large arena for sporting and other events.