In focus:
Plastics and metal

Jihlava, Czechia

Swoboda entered the era of globalization when it opened a plant in Jihlava in Czechia in 1994. Our facility in Jihlava, which is 120 kilometers from Prague, has more than 600 employees. Activities at Swoboda CZ focus on plastic composite modules and complex component assembly in the medium-volume range. The plant manufactures its high-precision metal-plastic components in semi and fully automated assembly processes.


  • Insert molding
  • Electric component assembly
  • Production of assemblies
  • Tool manufacturing
  • process development and engineering
  • production lines design and manufacturing
  • sensors assembly
of building space


Václav Dostal

General Manager Jihlava, CZ


Swoboda CZ s.r.o.
Hruškové Dvory 60
58601 Jihlava

Living and working
in the region

Founded in the 13th century, Jihlava is the oldest city in Bohemia. It is the capital and administrative center of the Vysočina Region, which boasts a scenic countryside with gently sloped hills and expansive coniferous and mixed forests. Jihlava originally became prosperous from silver mining and cloth manufacturing. Today, many innovative companies operate in the city. Jihlava is also the site of a wide range of cultural events, especially in the summer. Such events include the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival and a European folklore group convention.