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Whether it is drivetrains, chassis, or vehicle interiors: Swoboda products protect electronic systems against external influences such as vibrations, heat, water, oil, and dust. Our sensors make precise measurements – and do so in a customized manner aligned with the application in question. Our control units are able to merge and interpret signal data from various sensors. We are particularly proud of the fact that at least half the vehicles on the road around the world today have Swoboda technology onboard.

New Mobility

Our new mobility solutions range from components for electric bicycles to black boxes for vehicles. Our portfolio here is rounded out by new mobility concepts and control units for self-driving cars.


We put the experience we have gained over many years in the automotive sector to work exactly where it is needed. Our expertise is now also making a difference in forklifts and agricultural vehicles. We are always open to new things and we are now working on our first projects in the energy and medical technology sectors.