We pursue a stable corporate strategy that focuses on the future and is geared toward the long-term.


Swoboda is privately owned by two families. With an interest of more than 80%, the Dr. Matthias Groth family is the majority shareholder and in this capacity ensures rapid and stable decision-making. Swoboda Holding is an entity that monitors and supports the management of the Swoboda Group.

Our values as a medium-sized family company, our clear commitment to our employees, our stable ownership structure, our solid business and financial foundation all add up to one thing: We stand for reliability and continuity.

Focused on the future
Each year, we invest more than eight percent of our revenue in new products and manufacturing technologies – and our rate of investment here is well above the sector average This is how we lay the foundation for future growth.

Long-term approach
We think and act with a long-term view and maintain solid partnerships with our customers and suppliers around the world.


Dr. Matthias Groth

“After more than 130 years, the automotive industry is undergoing a change like never before. Self-driving vehicles, electric mobility, and new mobility concepts all offer exciting opportunities for Swoboda. The fields of sensors, electronics, and actuators in particular will benefit from these trends, and our products relate to all three of those fields. We are proud to be able to work with our employees to help shape the transformation of mobility. Our independence, which is guaranteed by our status as a stable family business, gives us the great flexibility and speed that we need to successfully exploit the dynamics of the market. With their innovative technologies and an uncompromising commitment to quality, our teams are shaping the future.”

Swoboda Holding GmbH

Alexander Balk and Dr. Matthias Groth

CFO and CEO of Swoboda Holding GmbH

Swoboda Holding monitors and supports the management of the Swoboda Group by focusing on Group-wide strategic issues. For more than 15 years, Swoboda has recorded annual growth rates of more than ten percent on average through its business operations. We intend to continue growing in a similar manner in the coming years.