Medical technology

Our experience of several decades with the development and production of sensors, actuators, and metal-plastic hybrid modules has enabled us to launch our first projects in the medical technology sector. We assist our customers with the development of complex analytical equipment, sensor systems and piezoelectric pumps. Our knowledge guarantees agile development, robust designs, and high-precision manufacturing, whereby we observe all technical cleanliness requirements in all of our processes.

Energy technology

We began developing tailor-made products for customers in all sectors shortly after the company was established. Our modules and assemblies help ensure efficient, safe, environmentally friendly, and economical energy generation, conversion, storage, and utilization. Power modules from Swoboda are used, for example, in both hybrid and electric vehicles as well as in wind and solar power facilities.

Product Overview

Off highway

New technologies are not just having an impact on the road, as safety, comfort, and energy efficiency are also now playing a key role in the agricultural sector and the logistics industry. Our experience in the areas of sensors, actuators, and control units enables us to offer the right solutions for our customers in those business segments as well.

Product Overview