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Capacities expanded

The new Swoboda plant in Polná went operational in late February 2020, following 13 months of construction. The new plant, which has been a long time in the planning, is an urgently required expansion of the Jihlava site (CZ1) and is being managed out of there.


The facility, located some 15 kilometers from Jihlava, consists of a production hall covering 5,200 m2, a warehouse with 3,400 m2 and an administrative section. There is also a car park. The outdoor area has been well planned and planted.

A tool shop is housed in one part of the building. There is also sufficient space for foremen, technicians and quality control experts and for holding meetings. Employees and guests are welcome to use the cafeteria, which includes an area for meal preparation.

The entire facility has been planned and built along environmental lines. It uses waste heat energy recovered from compressors, for example, and a sustainable water cycle. Experience from the Jihlava plant was brought to bear right from the planning phase. The new plant has the potential for up to 300 colleagues in total.