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Excellent quality: Swoboda Kunshan receives VW´s Best Quality Supplier 2019 Award

In July, the Swoboda plant in Kunshan received the award from the VW Tianjin transmission plant for its outstanding quality in components for the DQ 380/381 transmissions.

The first picture shows the Swoboda employees from Kunshan; machine operators, quality inspectors, production technicians, maintenance technicians and program engineers who have closely accompanied the project in recent years. More than 95 out of a possible 100 points had to be achieved - this year only six companies achieved this with Swoboda. The award is presented annually.
Swoboda supplies housings and hybrid assemblies for the electronic control of all types of automated transmissions. In addition to conventional automatic transmissions, the products are also used in control units for dual-clutch transmissions, continuously variable and automated manual transmissions. Swoboda hybrid assemblies are installed inside the transmission and must meet the highest requirements in terms of tightness, temperature and shaking loads.
Transmission controls contribute to increasing driving comfort, driving dynamics and efficiency. In automatic transmissions, they make a valuable contribution to CO2 reduction and are an important aspect of e-mobility and autonomous driving.