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Swoboda awarded as Husco Supplier of the Year 2019

Only one supplier worldwide receives the Automotive Supplier of the Year award every year from US automotive supplier Husco. For the second time, colleagues at Swoboda Inc. can be pleased about the award, which was presented for new program launch successes, outstanding customer service support and ongoing commitment.

"This is a great accomplishment that you and your entire team should be very proud of. We look forward to celebrating this with you in the very near future at Swoboda!" wrote Todd Zakreski, Husco Automotive Division Manager to Herbert Melder, General Manager of Swoboda Inc.

More than 12 million products were delivered to Husco in 2019. The two companies have enjoyed a close partnership for over ten years. During this time, more than a dozen projects have been efficiently implemented at a high technological level. Swoboda is once again proving itself to be a sparring partner for its customers.

"I am grateful to all employees for their work and commitment to our customer Husco. This award is yours!" says Herbert Melder, General Manager of Swoboda Inc.