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Swoboda continues to flexibly adjust the activities of its locations

Delivery capability should be maintained as far as possible: The internationally active automotive supplier Swoboda continues to react flexibly with regard to its customers' call-offs due to production stops by automobile manufacturers or their partial restart.

In the coming weeks, the company will continue to adjust its activities at its locations in Germany (Wiggensbach, Fürth and Schorndorf), the two Czech locations in Jihlava and the two Romanian plants in Timişoara and Sibiu, and will scale down as far as necessary. This also applies to the sites in the USA (Grand Rapids) and Mexico (San Juan del Río). The Chinese location in Kunshan is producing on a regular basis, as demand in China is rising and supply chains are relatively stable.

The company is thus adapting to the drastic decline in demand for vehicles, particularly in Europe and the USA. Production and deliveries are to be maintained as far as the supply chains permit and, as in the past, coordinated precisely with customers. Swoboda is in close contact with customers, partners and suppliers and is guided by bindingly available planning data.

Central functions as well as selected administrative, production and development activities will continue. The locations will continue to make use of the possibility of short-time work and other locally possible measures.

To protect against the corona virus, Swoboda has been implementing extensive protective measures for its employees at all locations for weeks. To date, no employees have been infected, but the family-owned company would like to further minimize the risks and is acting according to the maxim: "Health first". Swoboda continually adapts its measures to the latest medical findings and legal requirements in order to ensure increased protection of all employees from the risk of infection by the virus.