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Swoboda joins Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau

Swoboda responsibles are pleased about the new partnership: (from left to right) Werner Ulrich (Technical Mold Expert), Nikolaus Pfister (Head of Molds and Injection Molding Processes) and Florian Kohl (Deputy Plant Manager).

Swoboda Wiggensbach KG joins the benchmark initiative Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau. Both partners benefit from the generated knowledge within the cooperative.

"Injection molding is crucial for us, as there is almost no part in our company without plastics," explains Nikolaus Pfister, Head of Molds and Injection Molding Processes at Swoboda. "Our speciality lies in the overmolding of components."

Only about six years ago, Swoboda sourced its tools entirely from external toolmakers. Today, the Fürth site is the sole centre of competence for toolmaking in the corporate group. The question of its own competitiveness was therefore decisive for joining the Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau initiative: "As a technology company with twelve locations worldwide, we know the importance of toolmaking for project start-ups, series production and customer satisfaction. Our tool shop in Fürth has proven its many years of expertise. As a member of Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau, we look forward to new partnerships and cooperations."

As a cooperative, Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau anonymously evaluates model- and toolmakers in the DACH region as well as series manufacturers according to their competitiveness. The neutral data evaluation serves companies to assess their own positioning in direct comparison to the industry environment.

Further Information on Marktspiegel Werkzeugbau (german)