New Mobility

Electric mobility

Swoboda develops and manufactures sensors and drive components for all types of electric vehicles ranging from electric cars to electric bicycles, cargo bikes, and scooters. With our Morat Swoboda Motion joint venture, we have expanded our activities to include the design and production of transmission components, gear wheels, drive axles, and spindles. The two longstanding companies Franz Morat and Swoboda are thus now well positioned in the fast-growing electric mobility market.

Product Overview

Autonomous driving

Achieving a further increase in the degree of automation of self-driving vehicles will require the use of a greater number of sensors and actuators. In addition, the level of communication between individual systems via control units is now increasing and special functions based on existing driver assistance systems are being gradually further developed and utilized more and more.

Product Overview

People mover

We are applying our experience and expertise from the automotive sector to this exciting mobility segment. Our products can be used for various people mover concepts. We offer customized development and production of rotor position sensors, power modules, and current sensors, for example. Our extensive development and manufacturing expertise is helping us shape the technologies of the future as we enter a new era of mobility.

Product Overview